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hints and tips and me

My name is JC, and I am a Fashion Design student at Fanshawe College.  This summer and the last summer, I have been doing a co-op placement with Filthy Rebena Vintage. This gig has opened my eyes to the full spectrum of the vintage industry; a sector that is exploding in the fashion world right now with the conversation of sustainable fashion, and nothing is better than having insider's eyes!  Before college, I had minimal experience with the fashion industry, but I followed my passion for fashion (hate/love that those two words rhyme. haha)  From here, I am working on expanding my experience within the fashion world so one day I can be living and working in Paris.

Today I am here to give you some hints and tips to shopping vintage. This is what I look out for when going to my favourite shops.  Hopefully these pieces of advice are helpful for you!

1.  Go one size up: True vintage fits smaller, and if it is modern vintage, oversized will never fail you.  What I like oversized; Tops & sweaters.  

2.  Searching for Brands:  Designer brands are where it's at.  Why? Quality & value & some may say 'hype'.  I always look for Tommy Hilfiger. Their material is sturdy and will last over time. My favourites from Polo & Tommy are the 1/4’’ zip sweaters that are classic staples that will withstand time.

3.  Make Alterations:  Look for dresses you can alter into something you like or that is more wearable.  A simple fix on a dress? raise that hem!

4.  Know your budget:  There will be a $20 to $200 selection in the vintage world. In vintage boutiques, you're paying for the fact that the clothing is curated and rare.  Curated vintage can save you hours on finding that gem.  Afterall, time is money. If you have the time and want to save, hit up the thrift stores! 

5.  Flea markets:  A fun day to spend with your friends. Wear a body con dress or something tight so you can easily throw pieces on and not be nude in the street.

6.  Androgyny is key: Always look at the men's and women's sections!  If you are a smaller size, boys jeans fit really well. 

7.  Know the underrated areas: Hey, you know what’s underrated? The PJ section. People always miss this, and it is where you can find all the silky, cute Victoria Secret camis and dresses.

8.  Remember a colour palette; Classic white or black, bold red, dark green, mustard yellow, pastels, vintage flours, polka dots and occasionally bright pink because its mean girl chic.  The rules are, there are no rules, but get what makes you giddy!

9.  Know your fabrics:  Some materials you should look for are silk, cashmere, cotton, velvet, corduroy, lace, denim, jersey (cotton t-shirts, age well, now you know)

10.  Speed Read the racks: Memorize that back square of your favourite denim jean, so then when you flip through the rack you’ll spot your favourite brands in a flash.

 Hope this helps and thanks for being a part of my vintage journey!




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