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Fun 1970's t-shirt reads: "It's Okay I'm With The Band - Action Citizens Band". Ringer style tee is super soft, stylish and comfortable. Good vintage condition - the red coloring has bled through the shirt in various spots when we washed it - this doesn't effect the overall quality of the tee. 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend. Label: Screen Stars - Made in the Canada. Circa 1970's.

Measurements in Inches
• Chest: 31"-34"
• Waist: 30"-34"
• Length: 22.5"
• Sleeve Length: 7.5"

Additional Notes
• Freshly laundered in our shop with TLC
• Unique and so much fun to wear
• Free shipping!
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Vintage prairie blouse features a pullover style, a high neckline and lots of lace trim. The blouse is made from a white, fine cotton. Lace can be found at the neck, cuffs and bodice. There is with a loop fastening buttons at the nape of the neck. So sweet and timeless. Excellent quality and vintage condition. Label: Third Generation. Label Size: 7. Circa: 1970's. MAde in USA

Measurements in Inches
• Bust: 38"
• Waist: 34"
• Length: 21.5"
• Sleeve: 24"

Additional Notes
• Freshly laundered in our shop with TLC
• Unique and so much fun to wear
• Will refund shipping charges that exceed $1.50
• We're super social on Instagram!  Check us out!


This lightweight crew neck features a cozy cotton blend and a slightly boxy fit. Super soft and comfy!  Worn to vintage perfection and in good condition. Circa 1990's.

Measurements in Inches
• Bust: 48"
• Waist: 45"
• Length: 27"
• Sleeve Length: 24"
• Tag Size: NA

Additional Notes
• Washed with TLC in our shop
• Refund on shipping overages that exceed $1.50
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Extremely unique suede Mary Jane slip ons.  These shoes have a very exaggerated metal buckle with an exaggerated tongue.  The shape and construction seem like they were constructed in the 70s.  Still in goo condition, but the elastic under the tongue could be replaced for a tighter fit.  The soles have been reinforced.  Doctor Scholl's padded insoles are stuck on the original sole.   There is a size stamp on the sole that says 6 1/2.    Great vintage quality and condition. Label: Unknown.  Circa: 1970's.

Shoe Size
• Label: UK 6 1/2
• Womens 9
• Sole Length: 10 1/4"
• Widest Sole Measurement: 3 1/4"
• Widest Toe Circumference: 9.5"
• Heel Height: 1 3/8"
• Heel to Ankle:  4"


Deep Green pleather clutch from the 70s.  Amazing structure and geometric shape with a brass 70s zipper pull.  The inside is a simple black nylon lining with no pockets.     In great vintage condition.  Label:  NA

Measurements in Inches

  • Length - 9"
  • Width - 1"
  • Height -  5"


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This 1970's jumpsuit features a scoop neckline, bell sleeves, a keyhole back and a extra wide legs. Jumpsuit is constructed from lightweight polyester with the most amazing 70's floral print. Unique and comfortable stand out piece! Excellent vintage quality and condition. Circa: 1970s.

Measurements in Inches
• Bust: 34
• Waist: 36" Max stretch
• Hips: 44"
• Length: 50"

Additional Notes
• Statement piece
• Lightweight
• Will refund shipping charges that exceed $1.50

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