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Rad outerwear that covers today just as well as it did yesterday.

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Taupe 90s DKNY Leather blazer fits amazingly.   Single button closure with two welt pockets.   Jacket has a classic full blazer cut that is timeless and nicely tailored.  Blazer is fully lined with a satiny liner.     Excellent vintage quality and condition.    Label: DKNY Label Size:  S  Circa: 1990's.    

Measurements in Inches
• Bust Width: 33"
• Length:  24" 
• Waist:  30"
Sleeve Length:  23"

Additional Notes
• Beautiful suede covered buttons
• Will refund shipping charges over $1.50

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Early 2000s Versace denim set /suit fits amazingly.   Classic denim trucker style jacket.    The pants are super flattering in that early 2000's kind of way, with their super low hip hugger cut and tapered capri leg.  Both pieces would make great separates, but look epic together.  Excellent vintage quality and condition. 

 Label: Versace Label Size:  Small  Circa: 2000's.  Fabric content:  cotton

Measurements for Blazer
• Bust Width: 36"
• Length:  22" 
• Waist:  34"
Sleeve Length:  24"

Measurements for Pants
Inseam:  24.5"                                                    • Side Seam:  30" 
• Waist:  32”
• Hips:  36"

Additional Notes
• Designer Suit
• Will refund shipping charges over $1.50

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