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1990s Inspired Trends

The ‘90s were a wonderful time full of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” leather pants, and Gin Blossoms, inflatable furniture, little to no Internet and a complete lack of Titanic DVDs. Here are three of Rebena’s favorite trends of the ‘90s – just in time for Fall 2013.  (Please leave those ribbed turtlenecks at the door)


Dark lipstick!  Dark like Nancy’s soul in “The Craft.” The ‘90s are synonymous with grunge and goth-inspired aesthetics, so use lines like RiRi [hearts] MAC to add drama and depth to your day-to-day vibe. Tones like purple, burgundy, plum, and blood red are wearable to most occasions.


Embrace the wonder of Mrs. McCallister’s winter coat.  Rest assured you can channel the early ‘90s in terms of outerwear this fall and winter. Blumarine debuted a winter-appropriate trench coat that screams ‘90s throwback, while Celine’s oversize styles make you want to fly from Paris to Chicago because your kid’s defending his house.


Slacks — the true sign of adulthood. (Especially since most of us wore dresses, leggings, or classic straight-legged jeans 20 years back.) Well, to go hand-in-hand with your ‘90s-inspired coat, there are the quintessential business trousers: like Rue du Mail’s wide-legged late ‘90s styleThe Row’s pleated look, and Carolina Herrera’s classic pant suit. Just make sure to pair with heels (or risk tripping over the hems like one of us may have done during a formal school event).

Source: Huffington Post

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