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5 Must-Know Armani Facts

Armani is a luxury fashion house founded by designer Giorgio Armani in 1975. The Italian label is popular among the rich and famous. It’s not hard to see why.
Armani is in a style category of its own with its top quality garments!

Curious to learn more? Read on for 5 facts about Armani.

1. Armani almost didn’t happen

The road to fashion for founder Giorgio Armani wasn’t straight. First, he spent time in school for medicine. Then, he enrolled in the military. Eventually he decided to look for a new career path again. He moved over to the fashion industry and started as a window dresser, before working his way up to create Armani.

2. Caused social change from power dressing 

Armani was responsible for driving the fashion trend of power dressing. Power dressing played a major role in building a new type of working women in society in the 80s. These women felt empowered to establish their authority in the workplace with the help of power suits. Many moved into high powered job positions, which up until then had been historically held by men.

womens power suit

3. Reinvented bomber jackets 

Bomber jackets were first used in WW1. Fighter pilots wore them to stay warm because their cockpits were not enclosed. Later, they were popularized by Armani. In 1970, the label released a line of modified bomber jackets that presented them as a fashion item, and it caught on.

4. Impacted the red carpet

Armani’s impact on red carpet dressing is undeniable. In the 80s, the typical red carpet look was in need of an upgrade. Celebrities were itching for something more modern, and that’s exactly what Armani provided at the time. The label started outfitting them and soon everyone was wearing Armani to the red carpet. So many celebrities wore the label to the 1990 Oscars that they were called “The Armani Awards.”

julia roberts, 1990 oscars

5. Armani is fur free

The label no longer uses fur. Armani phased fur out of its products starting in 2016. They said it was because they now have technological alternatives that make the use of animals in their fashion products completely unnecessary.

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