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Asphalt Angels

Laura Thornhill

We are absolutely loving these stylish photos of female shredders from the 1970’s ‘Golden Era’ of skateboarding.  These chicks just ooze cool.

Hugh Holland, Team Line-Up (No. 60), 1970s
Hugh Holland, Team Line-Up (No. 60), 1970s

It’s great to take a look back at California’s skateboarding culture in the 1970’s and to reminisce about what life was like before people were obsessed with gadgets and screens.  (I suppose people were obsessed with the counter culture, surfing the sidewalks and the stripes on their tube socks.)  Let your mind travel back in time to California – Summer of 1970.  Young surfers are waiting restless for waves, and while waiting, they started surfing the streets.  The summer 1975 in California was extremely dry, a water restriction forced most pool owners to close their pool.  A group of surfers known as Z-boys crew should revolutionize and create modern skateboarding one day in 1977.

Ellen O Neal
Ellen O Neal

Skaters did not begin to form into a consistent, visually identifiable subculture until the mid 70s, The first young people that influenced the sport most came from the Californian surf culture and they brought the clothing style and attitude from surf fashion. The public, tired of dodging teens on boards, got skateboarding banned from most public places. Skaters were banished to remote, often desolate locations where they made use of discarded bits of concrete or created self-made ramps.

Ellen Berryman

While many people wouldn’t think of skateboarding as being a women’s sport, countless ladies have proven time and time again that they can work their wheels just as well as their male counterparts.  This was definitely true in the 1970’s, when female skaters broke onto the scene and blew everyone away with their talent and passion.

Ellen in 2014 – “My skating has become pretty low key. I’m now snowboarding. It gives me the same joy and freedom.”

We certainly wish that we could travel back in time to the Summer of 1975 and catch big air with these California beauties.  We would be just as happy spectating.

Skate Contest Spectators, Torrance (1975)

We love hearing from you!  Let us know in the comments below what era you would like to travel back in time and spectate.

For further reading about these rad 70’s sidewalk surfers these rad sources: DistractifyGirlsSkateUK.

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