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legsAh, the relationship us humans have with the telephone.  I always find the chatter a bit overwhelming when I pull my telephone out from my purse.  “Nice case!”  “What kinda phone is that?”  “What provider are you with?”  Although telephone questions of 2014 are a vast can of worms, I do find it calming when my smart phone begins to ring.  I love it.  And for reasons I cannot explain, I love my awkwardly long, “hellooooooo” as well.  Alexander Graham Bell suggested we say ‘ahoy’ upon answering the telephone.  Sadly, this was later superseded by Thomas Edison, who suggested ‘hello’ instead.  When I worked at a bar/music lounge, we had a house band member that answered the telephone, ‘Tutti Frutti’.  il_fullxfull.340650647

I’m not too sure where this post is headed, but I thought it would be fun to ask you what your favorite telephone was.  Despite growing up in a Victorian home, filled with fun and crazy phones, my favorite phone of all time was the Conair Clear Telephone in the late 1980’s.  It seduced me with its basic school bell ring, crisp air time and light up feature when I had an incoming call.  And holy cannoli, did I ever spend a lot of time making late night calls on this puppy.  Interestingly enough, this phone was my favorite neighbors telephone.  The Conair Clear sat next to her bed but strangely, I was always welcome to answer it.  I even got calls on it.  Jessi (the neighbor gal) and I would each have an ear to the speaker on the phone.  It’s how we rolled in the late 80’s.  So what’s your favorite phone?  Let us know in the comments below!

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