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We are enamored with the beauty and cool textures in the September 2015 issue of WSJ. Magazine.  We especially are drawn to the cover featuring Freja Beha Erichsen, photographed by Lachlan Bailey, in the great outdoors clutching a cute baby panda lamb (cue the awws).

The Danish model is wearing a thick fur coat from Louis Vuitton (styled by Ludivine Poiblanc), some people are declaring a huge styling mishap saying that the cover is super sinister, creepily inappropriate and insensitive.

We personally love it.  It makes for a stunning image and fashion has always been provocative.  Don’t you prefer this to the sexualization of young teens, or the culturally offensive stuff, the glamorization of hard drugs?  Though we can certainly understand, and respect, why others would be disturbed by it.

Do you take offense?  Do you love it? Join the conversation in the comment section below!

Sources:  WSJ. Magazine, The Fashion Spot, Honestly WTFFashion Gone Rogue

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