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Denim Flare

We spend a lot of time thinking about our denim.  Beyond just the perfect boyfriend fit or scoring a great pair of 501’s, there’s a lot to be said for making your blues… you.  We’ve nursed a longtime love affair with patches, whether new or deadstock, which has only been exacerbated since the advent of Instagram.

patches-F-2 We’ve been loving these seven – all of them for less than the cost of your Netflix subscription.  Stitch one on a jacket or go full-throttle with a bunch. Meet your new summer staple.

Mean Folk “Nice” patch, $5 | Spellcaster “Out of This World” patch, $5 Inner Decay “R.I.P. Feelings” patch, $6 World Famous Original “Whatever” patch, $50 Sick Girls Official “Bad Luck Babe” patch, $6 Rosehound Apparel Heathers patch, $6 Ball & Chain Co. “Life is a Gamble” patch, $6


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