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Disney Heels

You probably already know that Cinderella wore glass slippers to that big dance, but what kind of footwear were the other Disney ladies rocking? Artists Griz and Norm Lemay set out to answer that question with these high fashion-inspired illustrations posted on their Instagram page. These shoes are are to die for, and they must be magic too, because you never hear of a princess complaining to her mice friends about bunions. Hmmm, they were always passing out though. Maybe it was from pain?

Belle is the belle of the ball in these golden beauties.

Alice doesn’t need to be on hallucinogens to smile back at her Cheshire Cat Mary Janes.

Snow White doesn’t feel “Grumpy” about these peep-toe pumps.

Rapunzel probably could’ve gotten out of that tower sooner if it weren’t for these sky high Jimmy Choo’s.

The best part of Sleeping Beauty is when she dances in her color-changing gown, and not the part where a stranger violates her while she’s passed out.

It’s not just the princesses who get the royal footwear treatment. The villains we love to hate have their own gorgeous creations, as well. What’d ya think they’d be wearing? Dr. Scholls? Witch, please. Maleficent’s thorn sandals look like they’d give serious blisters. Maybe that’s why she’s so cranky! Mirror, mirror on the wall, get a load of these shoes will ya?

AND the one shoe you didn’t see comin’… Ursula shoved her big ole tentacle into this ocean-inspired high heel. Classic Sea Witch not giving af about her cankles.

Talented artists Griz and Norm are a husband and wife duo that both work at Disney and create fun fan-art in their free time. Check out their full Instagram here.

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