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Downtown London's Holiday Detour

It's that time of year again to start saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  At least it will be this Friday the 29th when Downtown London Hosts London's downtown night of Christmas festivities.  

If you have not yet heard about the hustle and bustle that will be filling the downtown streets this Friday afternoon and night, allow us to inform you!!

The whole big thing starts at 5:00pm SHARP!  

With a Fanshawe College Chorus Performance happening at our daily lunch hotspot, the Covent Garden Market.  

Our next place we will meander over to is our new local stomping ground (update for those of you with your head in the sand; we are now located at 533 RICHMOND - across from...), Victoria Park

The lighting of the LIGHTS (trees?  maybe other things as well are lit up) will be happening at the park at 6:15.  DON'T YOU DARE BE LATE

We don't really like to backtrack; otherwise we would head back to Fanshawe College for the Fanshawe Theatre Vocal Ensemble happening at 6:30. 

Instead we would recommend (and this is totally unbiased) heading to our quaint little spot on the corner of Richmond and Kent (again 533 Richmond)  to buy some luxurious, incredibly warm, extremely sultry, plump and powerful FUR COATS that will be half price for BLACK FRIDAY.  (you literally heard it here first, high five!) This purchase is not only fashionable but incredibly functional for the rest of your evening. 

We will also be providing eco-friendly gift wrapping for the night.  Bring in your gifts if you are incredibly organized and have already started shopping and get them thrown into some recycled 80s giftboxes we have found :)  They are super cool! We also have recycled kraft paper for the more traditional shopper. 

OK after this epic experience at Filthy Rebena Vintage, grab a free hot beverage!  There are many many spaces handing out mulled ciders, hot chocolates, coffee, tea, & hot apple cider.   On our path we will be grabbing a Cinnamon-Orange Spiced Rooibos tea from the Tea Lounge and warming up our tootsies for a hot second.  YUM!  We really wish we could try out Grace's hot chocolate... we feel like it may turn out to be the best in town... but again we hate back tracking; so onward with our adventure!! 

So we are now on our way to Richmond and Piccadilly (we may have stopped into Olive Branch for their Hot Chocolate... it's free and you know we love our bargains). 

Back on track to the TRACKS.  Trains are cool; they are like moving art galleries; or in this case moving music houses of ROCK & roll (maybe folk) 

The Holiday Train is a 1,000 foot celebration of all things Christmas with hundreds of thousands of lights decorating 14 rail cars, boxcars that open up as travelling stages, and free music - but that's not all they are.

CP uses the train to raise money and generate healthy food donations for food banks in communities along its network. The trains have raised nearly $16 million and collected 4.5 million pounds of food since 1999.  Pretty Groovy. 

Also, ladies and gents, keep your panties on but Alan Doyle and Beautiful Band will be playing at 8:30 so get down to the tracks and boogie!!  Also what sounds cooler than saying meet me at the tracks.  If your heart is not warmed by all the hot cocoa and holiday cheer, Alan's deep velvety voice will be sure to to finish the task.  

Thank-you for letting us choose our own adventure and thank-you for making it to the end.  The End, Good Night, Farewell, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Felices Fiestas.   

Also, an afterthought for the underdog.  FILTHY DEPOT (located at our old Dundas St. location) will be serving free Patrick's Beans Filthy Blend Coffee and of course Oreos (come through to find out if they are double stuffed).




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