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Ah the days of memorizing locker combinations, dodging hall monitors and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils morning.  Our filthy customers are in the back-to-school spirit and we are here to help them rise to the head of the class with some of the greenest backpacks currently available on the market.

Archival Rucksack – $260

You don’t need to major in geography to peg the Archival rucksack’s origins. Modeled after the traditional canoe pack, the American-made carryall comprises mostly U.S.-sourced materials, including heavyweight waxed-cotton twill and domestically tanned leather.

Classic Backpack – $92

Bells and whistles aren’t always a good thing. Utility Canvas’s American-made backpack puts the “fun” in “fundamental”—no fuss, no muss.

Alice Seafarer – $315

We’ll admit. Fleabag’s “Alice Seafarer” qualifies as a splurge, but if we were to put all our eggs in one basket, this would be it. Made in the United States from organic hemp canvas, repurposed fishermen’s net, and water-based inks, the military-inspired knapsack supports net-makers in Louisiana, where business has nosedived since the Gulf oil spill.

Earthkeepers Campus Quad – $40

Put some pep into your step with the “Campus Quad” backpack by Timberland Earthkeepers. The water-resistant kit consists of 95 percent recycled cotton, plus a smidgen of nylon for durability.

Dean – $138

Matt & Nat’s “Dean” backpack only looks like it’s made of leather. Derived from 100 percent recycled nylon, the cruelty-free holdall has room aplenty for a laptop, books, and a brown-bagged lunch—a vegan one, of course.

Do you carry a backpack, knapsack or handbag that is committed to reducing the use of resources?  Is your bag made of recycled materials?  Please let us know all about your green bag in the comments below!  We love learning about what you’re carrying and what brands are your favorite!

Source: Ecouterre

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