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Film Professionally Developed in London Yet Again!!

A few years back the last spot to develop film in London closed its doors.  Another channel of the analogue era ending, where the digital world as we knew it was taking over and this final close really made that feel real. 

Even though I am not a photographer that deals with film, I am a nostalgic person for 'tangible' things and the closing of the last film developer in London really made me sad.  Whenever I am on the hunt for products, I will always grab old photos... there is something so magical about them even though the people are strangers, there is still a familiarity in the moment of that snap. The present moment being frozen forever.  

When Avan Patel, a London Film photographer, contacted our store to talk about his new film developing venture, we were super excited to hear all about it and see his new space.    

Film Dev London studio is located on Hamilton Road in an old car garage and boy is it beautiful!! The studio space is out of this world, they have a hair salon inside, and of course a film developing space is carved out in the back corner.  

Avan used to work for Henry's where he would see people drop off film all the time.  They would have to wait over a month to get it developed because Henry's ships it to Quebec.  Avan realized that this was a service that London needed back desperately, and Hallelujah, he made that happen!

Why we are writing about this, besides our excitement of film developing being back in London, is because we have partnered up with Avan to be a drop off spot for film photographers.  Hamilton rd can be tricky to go to, so we are making it easier for all of you with film drop offs at both our store locations;

177 Dundas St. & 144 Wortley Rd.   

All you need to do is bring your film and our sales associates will help you with the rest.  Payment is made by etransfer to Avan who will contact you once he grabs your film from the shops.  This turn around is no longer than a week.

We are always super excited to see new business ventures start in London, especially when they involve creatives.  

Check out Avan's photography page @avanpatel_ or website

and his newest film developing venture or website

In the meantime here are some shots of where the magic happens;

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