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Florists in London Ontario: The Top 5

We love flowers. Not only do they look beautiful, but they have amazing health benefits as well. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite London, Ontario florists. If you’re looking to buy flowers, whether it be for your home or an event, then you’re in the right place. Read on for our top picks!

1. Wortley Flower Farm

wortley flower farm

Location | 144 Wortley Road, London Ontario, N6C 3P5
Visit For | Locally grown flowers and community events

Wortley Flower Farm is a working micro farm in the backyard of Filthy Rebena’s Wortley Village vintage shop. Every morning fresh, seasonal flowers are cut and made into bouquets.  In the back of the shop there is a floral studio where people can talk to the gardeners real time while shopping vintage vases, sap buckets and terracotta pots. The flower farm also functions as a multi-use public space, inviting and evoking all sorts of garden discussions, providing a date location for a quiet coffee or a spot to zen out with a yoga mat. 

2. Floral Theory

floral theory store

Location | 13-515 Richmond Street London, Ontario N6A 5N4
Visit For | Artisanal flowers, plants and planters

Floral Theory: a retail florist and houseplant store with supercool pink floors. Their talented designers will wow you with their artisanal floral pieces created from fresh cut flowers like lilies, roses and orchids. These creations are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events or anything else! Also, the owner, Grace, is a budding flower farmer - she uses her own cut flowers from her garden, and incorporates local flower farmers’ products into her floral work.

3. Grow and Bloom

grow and bloom

Location | 569 Richmond St. London Ontario N6C 3M8

Visit For | Florals, plants and home décor

Grow & Bloom is a botanical boutique located on Richmond Row. Visiting this boutique is quite the experience. As you wander through the store, you can’t help but feel like you are walking through a magical forest - the massive curated selection of flowers and plants are, put simply, quite special! There’s something for everyone here, as a range of both floral and horticultural services are offered. What’s more, is that Grow & Bloom supports local, so you’ll also find items from local artists and businesses.

4. Harris Flower Farm

harris flower farm

Location | 42488 Ron McNeil Line, RR#6 St. Thomas, Ontario
Visit For | Seasonal fresh cut flowers and pastured pork

Harris Flower Farm is a small flower farm in St. Thomas. They grow 5 acres of bulbs, annuals, perennials and flower branches every season. These flowers are then sold at local farmers markets, but they can also be purchased straight from the farm for weddings and other events. Their flower arrangements fall into one of four categories: country, romantic, rustic or vintage. Along with the flowers, Harris Flower farm also sells their own pastured pork.

5. The Wandering Bee Flower Farm

wandering bee

Location | Thursday - Convent Garden Market, 4PM-7PM
Friday - Masonville Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM
Saturday - Convent Garden Market, 8AM-1PM
Visit For | Seasonal fresh cut flowers

The Wandering Bee is a flower farm located just outside London in a small community named Thorndale. Their farm is sustainable - they use organic and regenerative growing practices. New and unique flower varieties are grown each year. The flowers are then arranged into vibrant floral bouquets and sold at the London markets.

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