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Guest of Honor

Age 15, Cover for Face magazine. This photo is what got her noticed by Calvin Klein, with whom she would have a longstanding modeling career.

Trends may come and go but even among this fashion-conscious crowd there was one certainty: all eyes would be on Kate Moss.


The world has always had a lot to say about Kate Moss. Interestingly enough, the world says way more than the famously silent supermodel would ever had to say about herself. We all know her face, but few of us would recognize her voice if we heard it.

CK Obsession Shots

So why does the world love looking at Kate Moss?  She was never the archetypal model.  She has a long trunk, short legs and the most beautiful, breathtaking face.

That’s My Bitch

Maybe its the rocker-chick that we are not able to resist.  Maybe it’s her personal style off camera.  Or maybe its simply the air of mystery.

March 2012 issue of W Magazine
March 2012 issue of W Magazine

Kate Moss is just 40 years old, but her career already spans four calendar decades. In our opinion, that’s damn impressive in a business where models face involuntary retirement in their early 20’s.

Kate Moss debuted a collection of champagne coupes molded from her own left breast

To celebrate 25 years of modeling, Kate Moss celebrated Marie Antoinette style. The fashion industry elite and celebrities toasted at a fancy London restaurant to celebrate the iconic model’s career. Guests didn’t sip from ordinary champagne flutes, however, instead the party sipped from champagne glasses molded from Kate’s iconic breasts.

Indulge in Kate Moss. The queen of the glossy pages of fashion magazines.
Indulge in Kate Moss – the queen of the glossy pages of fashion magazines.

We just had to say congrats on 25 years of modeling dear majesty.

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