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Drop Dead Candles

Drop Dead Candles are created for weirdos and oddballs in mind so that is probably why we gravitated towards these beauties in the first place.  

The creator of Drop Dead Candles, Mel is from Oshawa Ontario and has been creating these zainy candles for quite awhile now.  We first met Mel at a Punk Rock Flea, awe the good ol' days! Where Mel bought an awesome denim rucksack from us (yes she knows what is good!). 

Needless to say her candles seemed to sell out in seconds, before we could even get our hot paws on one!! I was broken hearted when I couldn't snag one of her lady candles.  But alas we now have a whole crew of lady candles in the shop, along with some cats, spines, skulls, and black hearts.... wanting to get next her awesome palmistry hands, and curious, should we get the flaming dicks? hmmmm.... 


A very cool note to add, Mel makes all her own moulds from found objects usually thrifted.  Nothing we love more than a fellow thrifter and tbh a true maker! 


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