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Luca Mainini


This collage was done by artist Luca Mainini.  Be sure to check out Luca’s Tumblr, where Rebena is spending all of her time on the web these days.  His art is mostly surrealist collages that look like pop culture on acid.  Can’t.  Get.  Enough.  Luca.  Anyhoo, the ad is for Giorgio Armani – March 2013.  Oh geez, I can’t stop.  Just one more….
4.-Magic-FlowerLuca takes all of the loudest elements of pop culture and chops ’em up into small pieces.  Then magically stitches them back together to create an alien form redolent only of something that might have happened in a horror film once.  Luca’s work is like a jolt of electricity to the head.
6.-Weddings<3  Have a crazy day!

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