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bigMacMcDonald’s has just redefined the term “fast fashion.” The fastfood company’s Swedish headquarters launched a capsule collection of white clothes and other items printed all over with Big Mac images. The sandwich-themed goods were unveiled in a “McWalk” fashion show at a mall in Stockholm, Sweden.nluqtj-b88368464z.120150326205109000g9u8pabu.10The small collection, which includes thermal tops and bottoms, a raincoat, rainboots, wallpaper, a dog coat, duvet cover and pillowcase, is available online at the Big Mac Shop in Sweden, but an international e-tail site is in the works. A portion of the sales of the merchandise will go to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund, according to a company statement.


That collection received mixed reviews. A critic from New York magazine’s The Cut called the riff “fun, funny and fearless,” while a critic for the website Jezebel found the dresses “offensive” and “desultory” because they were based on the uniforms of fast-food workers who typically are paid low wages.  Rebena couldn’t agree more.  Fast Food meets Fast Fashion.  This clothing line is just like a big mac – disgusting, cheaply made, addictive and unsustainable.  Anyhoo, no major fashion reviews are in yet for the new Big Mac collection aimed at the mass market.  You know Rebena’s opinion and we’d love to hear yours.  Leave a comment and let us know if you are Mc-Lovin’ Mickey Dee’s new line.

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