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Passing Through

Being a vintage merchant has always been a purely positive experience. I am surrounded by beauty and my closet is often full of glorious prints and special frills. The only heartache that comes along with selling thrift is that dreaded realization that you haven’t had enough time with a garment.  For many people out there, clothing are not merely inanimate objects, but companions of every variety to share a journey with.  I often get asked about the heartaches of selling my favorite garments.  Skirt PinkAlthough the above skirt was for sale in Filthy Rebena’s shop, it did have a special home in my wardrobe for about 6 weeks.  My Mom found it at a thrift shop and sent it my way.  I am a sucker for rayon, muted pinks, rose patterns and treasures that my Mom has cherry-picked.  I mended its holes.  I added pretty pearlesent buttons.  I put it for sale in the shop.  I had so many good vibes and fun times with this billowy beauty over the last 6 weeks.  We made a good impression on my new dentist, strolled together with friends downtown and even had a flowy dance at the local pub.  And then it sold to a fellow treasure hunter in Ireland – where it shall be injecting good impressions, strolls and dances into another life.

I often reminisce of the good times I had with a favorite garment over one last hand-wash.  While washing, I also dab of lavender oil in the water for good luck on its new journey.  Then I bid my favorite garment adieu during its final drip dry.  And yes, I usually take a photo if I find it particularly beautiful.  Parting with my favorite garments prompts this mindful ritual.  The final wash helps me quickly get over any heartache of selling a favorite item and remember that I have no qualms about leaving clothes.  The way clothing passes through our lives is entirely natural, as long as its done without carelessness.

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