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Fashionably Into The Abyss – #perryforprez

Are your New Year’s resolutions the same every year? Something about eating better, a nod to working out more, maybe a pledge to get more sleep? Perhaps another year has gone by, and you’re looking at the same old story. We’re not saying you need to change. You’re great the way you are! Maybe it’s your goals that need some adjustments. To set you on the path of success this year, Refinery 29 has concocted a questionnaire that identifies the part of your life you’ll want to give the most TLC in 2015. And, Refinery 29 has included suggestions for how to do just that.   To take the quiz, check it out here.  What should you be focusing on in 2015?  Let us know in the comments below how you will be getting ready for your best year yet!

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