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Styling A Button-Up Shirt

Styling A Button-Up Shirt
Written, Modeled + Styled by Paige Taylor 

One of the easiest things to find either thrifted or perhaps somewhere in your own/someone you know’s closet is an oversized button-up shirt. Keeping in mind that less is more, here are seven different ways to style one!

Brown Leather Vest

This look is both formal and adorable.  It would be perfect for a day at work or a shopping trip. Incredibly easy and sophisticated.

Purple Chanel Dress

Layering is one of the easiest ways to style any collared shirt. In this case, the oversized sleeves make this short Chanel print dress really stand out. A cute way to make a dress for going out seem more formal.

Red Pants and Fanny Pack

Buttoning up the top of the shirt and leaving the bottom open creates a cute cropped look. You could also button all the way down if cropping isn’t your thing, either way by adding flared colour pants and a fanny pack worn across the chest you create a more sporty, casual everyday look. 

Trench Coat

This look is great for those cooler summer days, or even warmer autumn days. It’s sexy enough by showing some leg, while at the same time incredibly classy due to the sleek trench contrasted with the white collared top and the red shoes. By popping out the cuffs and the collar of the shirt you create more interest and dimension in the look.


Button-ups don’t always have to be buttoned-up. This trick is great for creating a unique, upcycled vibe in your shirt and is an awesome way of creating more than one look with one shirt. Simply overlap the shirt and tuck it into a pair of jeans or any bottoms.

Track Pants

This look is definitely far more unique and fashion-forward, by wearing the shirt backwards and adding a belt you create this minimalistic yet creative vibe. Great with a pair of flared pants, I love it with these snap-up track pants.


Extremely easy and casual, by buttoning up the top to a certain point and wearing it off the shoulders you add more of a flirty feel.

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