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Summer 2015 Trends

Getting a handle on Summer’s lead fashion stories (the chic sportif, the ’90s-meets-’70s love-in, the Canadian tux redux) is simple enough — it’s just a trend report away.  Tracking down the individual pieces that capture the mood of the season requires a higher level of study.  Finding the ones that flatter and function, then working them into our daily wardrobe groove — now that, if I may say, is an art form.

939486584e37507ad480c69bbe38ddce-640x959THE BOHEMIAN DRESS
This loosely constructed yet intensely feminine runway favorite sometimes features artisanal embroideries, lace trims and florals.   No one’s denying that the Summer bohemian dress can be on the skimpy side, exposing arms, shoulders and back cleavage. (But please note, never front cleavage. Front cleavage is simply not happening in 2015.) Think of it as this summer’s answer to the jumpsuit – a long, gorgeous swirl of parachute rayon or chiffon that can be endlessly layered. (and unlayered once warm weather arrives)  It may have the relaxed vibe of a beachy piece but don’t deny that it’s a powerful, versatile workhorse albeit a highly romantic one.

Delicate-looking yet practical, these pale beauties operate like basics while quietly stealing the show.  From incredible lacy cropped styles to flouncy organdy collars – a decorative white top is a mercy drop for women who want to dress up without looking like a Stepford starlet. Wear yours with culottes and suede espadrilles.

gucci-runway-rtw-spring-2015-milan-fashion-week-1-640x964THE A-LINE SKIRT
I’m talking about a nice slimmed-down, button-front suede a-line here.  Something about suede instantly messages louche-luxury in sexy, husky vintage tones. I always have my peepers peeled for that perfect shade of paprika – a color that adds pep to just about any other – and in a leg-elongating, waist-cinching silhouette. The suede A-line would look urban and rustic paired with a silk blouse, a cashmere sweater or lacy white top.  Again, louche luxury – just like Rebena.

Michael_Kors_spring_summer_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week4THE BELTS
Belts haven’t enjoyed this much attention since the ’80s!  With spring’s high-rise flares and kimono-inspired jackets (and that A-line skirt I told you about) – expect to see heaps of belts that cup the waist rather than the hips.  Belts haven’t enjoyed this much attention since the ’80s.  Use them as a focal point to accentuate your best assets (the higher on the torso you fasten them, the longer your legs will look) or as a nifty and elegant way to elevate a simple shirtdress.

gallery_1425910244-hbz-lisa-armstrong-indexTHE SHOES
Footwear comes in all heights and shapes, from sports-inspired flatforms to saucy platforms, a spectrum of block heels and knee-high gladiators.  Flats, slides and sneakers.  This is what I’ve learned: Wear the heel and style that work for you, and—repeat after me—you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful.

What will you be wearing this season?  Will you nod into the 1970s?  Perhaps add sporty touches that don’t require a gym membership?  Will you wear a shoulder-baring silhouette?  Let Rebena know in the comments!  Think Spring!

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