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Week 6: Six Items

It’s the home stretch of the Six Items Challenge!  (*hooray*  *yeah*  *long audience applause*)  We really underestimated how hard the challenge would be!  The last two weeks have been very difficult.  We did prevail as we really wanted to raise money for garment workers.  We raised over $150.00 CAD dollars which will can partially cover the cost of meeting and lobbying companies and government bodies to legislate for better protection for garment workers.  If you are looking for a great book to gain insight into the people that make our clothing, I totally recommend “Where Am I Wearing” by Kelsey Timmerman.  Thanks for all your support!

If you like these videos, be sure to tune in to our YouTube page. For more information on the Six Items Challenge, click here. To help support and/or donate, click here.

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