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Xmas Postal Deadlines

You wrote your cards.  You’ve bought your gifts.  You put up your decorations.  You can’t wait for your ugly x-mas sweater from Etsy to arrive.  Speaking of arrivals – did you know that it is the busiest time of the year for the postal service?  Now is a perfect time to check out the Postal Service’s holiday-mailing deadlines so you can receive packages in time.   Below is a little cheat sheet in case you are too busy soaking your teeth with rum-spiked eggnog to click those links.  
Shipping to Canada

Priority™ (Rush) December 23
Xpresspost™ (Fast) December 22
Regular Parcel™ (Most Economical) December 11

Shipping to USA

Priority™ Worldwide (Rush) December 22
Xpresspost™ (Fast) December 16
Expedited Parcel™ – USA(Most Economical) December 8

Shipping to Europe

Priority™ Worldwide (Rush) December 19
Xpresspost™ (Fast) December 8

Shipping to Australia

Priority™ Worldwide (Rush) December 18
Xpresspost™ (Fast) December 8
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