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A classic and easy-to-wear soft beret, available in so many beautiful colours. Made from 100% wool. 

  • 100% soft wool
  • One Size, suitable for head sizes 21" - 24"
  • Uni-sex style


Nicely printed Gift Certificates available in $25, $35, $50 and $100.  Slips into a cute 5" x 7" paper sleeve.  


Bad Moon Mineral Salt Soak / Scrub

Rising Sun Mineral Salt Soak / Scrub

Anti Bad Vibes Salt Soak / Scrub

Gem + Honey Infused Minerals Soak/Scrub

Pour in bath or use as a body scrub.

Sea salt will set you free.....

All Wild Yonder Botanicals mineral soaks are mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey, organic jojoba and organic essential oils and resins. Hand blended and full of good vibrations. No synthetics, junk or otherwise nastyness.

Only pure, from the sweet Earth goodness, connecting you with the botanical kingdom for a multi-sensory experience.

Each packet is 2 ounces ))

Bad Moon Rising- ho wood, pine, patchouli

Rising Sun- vetiver, petitgrain

Made in Wisconsin.
W 6 W 7 W 8 W9 M7 W 10 M 8 M 9 M 10 M 11
Up-cycled fur insoles made from old fur coats that could no longer be repaired.  All sizes available in Men's and Women's shoe sizes.  These feel like a dream and make your boots/shoes/slippers much more comfortable and warm in the winter!
The classic everyday canvas tote carries easily in hand or over shoulder. It’s the perfect bag for toting your laptop, yoga clothes, LPs, art supplies, you name it.


● Fits a 15" MacBook
● Interior zip pocket
● 40" adjustable strap with top carry handles
● Matte silver hardware, durable taped seams
● Measures 15 ¾" × 11" × 4 ¾"
● 16 oz recycled cotton canvas
● Machine washable


Yarrow Jewellery is made by our friend Sara in Guelph.  All necklaces are brass with a vintage astrology pressing.  All star signs are available.  18" chain.  Clasp at back. 


Length -18"

Meadow The Artist Eucalyptus Mint Lavender Lemon Mother Moon Rosemary Orange

Wednesday+Rose is a soy candle company located in downtown Guelph, ON.  The candles are vegan and ecofriendly; using soy that is sourced from North American farms that are dedicated to sustainable farming practices without the use of herbicides, pesticides and GMOs.

These 4 ounce candles are hand poured into large, reusable glass jars.  Wednesday+Rose white label aromatherapy candles are scented using therapeutic grade essential oils and will burn naturally free of toxins. 

Meadow blends together lavender, sage, rosemary and cedar for an earthy and slightly floral calming blend.

A pure essential oil blend of lavender, rosemary & cedar. Earthy, fresh and slightly floral, this calming blend is perfect for any space.

Invigorating and uplifting, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils combine together to create a fresh minty blend.

A calming blend of pure lavender and lemon essential oils.  

Mother Moon is made with pure essential oils that are said to soothe premenstrual & menstrual symptoms. Of course anyone can enjoy this candle regardless of their moon time if they enjoy geranium, bergamot and wildflowers.

Sweet orange essential oils blend together with and herbaceous rosemary essential oils blend together To create a warm, fresh inviting aroma.


A set of three reusable bags, perfectly proportioned for bottles of wine — or olive oil, or sparkling water, or kombucha... the list goes on! Great for picnics, gift giving, or trips to the store. Each bag folds into its own flat pouch, with a keychain loop so it'll never slip away.


● Keychain loop
● Each measures 13 ¾" × 4" × 4"
● Recycled ripstop nylon
● Machine washable


Magnesium Soaks

Magnesium Soak Salts, soothing and relaxing. 


Ingredients: pure epsom salt, sea salt, magnesium flakes, biodynamic honey and organic rose otto, organic chamomile and organic jojoba. 

An aromatic, centering blend for a multi sensory experience. With rose otto and chamomile extract.

BLEND: Mystic

Ingredients: pure epsom salt, sea salt, magnesium flakes, biodynamic honey and organic ylang ylang, sandalwood and organic jojoba. 

Deeply mentally relaxing, while you inhale the long revered aroma of ylang ylang and Hawaiian sandalwood. These oils are believed in aiding in stress reduction and meditation. 

Minerals soaks rich in magnesium and other minerals are cherished for their soothing, softening, mineral rich properties.

Pour in bath and relax.

Proud 1% for the Planet member.
Hand blended with good vibes and the best of intentions.
2 oz packet

Made in Wisconsin.


Toronto company OkayOK Sunday Socks will make your tootsies SING!

These cozy boot socks are made of mixed fibres, resulting in variations in the main colour and patterns of each one.  Up close, the yarns are a mix of caramel brown, grey and yellow. 

The yarns twist in the machine which results in a variegated texture that can't be controlled. Each sock is different and the pair may not be a perfect match. 

  • 75% acrylic, 25% mix of cotton, nylon and wool. 
  • Made in Brampton, Ontario, 40 km from OkayOK's studio in Toronto.
  • Wash cold and tumble dry low. Socks are machine washed and dried after they're knit and have been pre-shrunk.

    This patch represents your commitment to a healthier planet. For each patch sold, a native tree will be planted in the New New Age's Nature Sanctuary in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

    Since 2014 the New New Age has regenerated over 50 acres of farmland into native habitat. The immediate benefits to the environment over this short time have been confirmed by multiple scientific studies conducted at our farm which show increases in pollinator health and diversity, improved water and air quality,  increased carbon sequestration and increased observations of a diversity of wildlife including several species at risk.

    But they can’t do it alone, by purchasing this patch you are directly helping the New New Age to further expand our conservation efforts and improve the environment for future generations. Wear this patch proudly as a symbol of positivity, optimism for a greener future, and the power of community.

    3" x 3" IRON-ON PATCH w/ note card & envelope

    Add this patch to your favourite tote, jacket or piece of clothing!


    Small Sport Backpack

    COLOR Orchid

    A petite backpack, perfect for everyday carry. This hard-wearing backpack is equipped with an interior sleeve to hold a 13'' laptop and one interior zip pocket. Complete with two zippered exterior pockets, adjustable straps, and expandable drawstring and buckle closure. Please note this style does not have tonal logo straps.
    13 ¼'' x 14'' W x 6'' D
    30" max strap length
    100% Heavyweight nylon
    Machine wash cold, line dry.

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