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Rad outerwear that covers today just as well as it did yesterday.

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This vintage leather fringe jacket is a great 80s classic.   It features a fold down collar, a durable chunky front zipper, welt pockets, and a super thick leather that is nicely worked in.    The jacket has a black satin lining inside.  Great vintage quality and condition.  Circa: late 1980's

Measurements in Inches

• Chest:  56

• Waist:  46” 

• Length:  28

• Sleeve Length:  23”

Additional Notes
• Nice condition and quality
• Refund on shipping overages that exceed $2.00
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Taupe 90s DKNY Leather blazer fits amazingly.   Single button closure with two welt pockets.   Jacket has a classic full blazer cut that is timeless and nicely tailored.  Blazer is fully lined with a satiny liner.     Excellent vintage quality and condition.    Label: DKNY Label Size:  S  Circa: 1990's.    

Measurements in Inches
• Bust Width: 33"
• Length:  24" 
• Waist:  30"
Sleeve Length:  23"

Additional Notes
• Beautiful suede covered buttons
• Will refund shipping charges over $1.50

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Reversible wool hunting/chore jacket - perfect for year-round layered looks. Jacket features an over-sized silhouette, 4 patch pockets on both sides.  Inner side is a fleece in a hunter's orange and the exterior is a wool in a great olive.  

Label: . Circa: 1980's.

Measurements in Inches:
• Chest: 46"
• Waist: 46"
• Length: 28.5"
• Sleeve Length: 23"

Additional Notes
• Freshly laundered at our shop
• Will refund shipping charges that exceed $1.50
• We're uploading daily finds via Instagram

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