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Badger & Burke's screen printed tea towels are perfect for brightening up any kitchen space!

100% cotton
hanging loop
50 cm x 70 cm


Traditional flax linen towels for the home, made with heirloom-quality fabric. Lovely tactile feel, soft supple texture, and high absorbency.  A wide variety of uses and adds some beauty to your space.

Elana works with a small family-owned business in Lithuania to source traditional ethically produced flax linen fabric. This soft and sturdy linen inhibits the growth of bacteria and microflora and is a wonderful, sustainable home textile. While most of her products are fully produced in the United States, she wanted to find the highest quality material and production methods she could find. Once the linen is received, it is screen printed locally in Portland, Oregon.

Care Instructions:

Good care will extend the life of these high-quality textiles, and they get even better with age. Wash warm with like colors in mild detergent. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the fabric, and avoid bleach. Try not to overdry your fabric as it can weaken the fibers. Iron while damp to reduce wrinkles if desired. 


-Size: 18 x 26” 

-Materials: Linen, water-based ink

-Use: Multifunctional hand towel for everyday use

-Care: Wash cool or warm with like colors, mild detergent. Iron while damp, do not overdry.


The imagery of the cotton tea towels is inspired by wild and cultivated edible and medicinal plants. 

These tea towels were created as multifunctional textiles for both inside and outside the kitchen. Made with 100% cotton and screen-printed with water-based ink, they are safe to use around food and make wonderful kitchen cooking companions. 

There are many ways that this textile can be used. It makes a lovely gift, whether given on its own or used as wrapping ‘paper.’ It holds small Tupperware and containers well for taking snacks to-go, and doubles as a picnic placemat. Great for covering rising bread dough and wrapping freshly baked loaves. As the material is soft yet sturdy, it can also be used as an altar cloth or hung as a tapestry. 

Each towel measures approximately 26 x 27” and includes a loop for hanging.


-Size: 26 x 27” 

-Materials: Cotton, water-based ink

-Use: Multifunctional kitchen towel, textile gift wrap, tapestry.

-Care: Wash cool or warm with like colours, mild detergent



Muse Paper Illustrations are created by London artist, Eve Nicholson-Smith.

 'A Thousand Invisible Devotions’ is an ode to unseen love. Moments of devotion and care unwitnessed but powerful and world-changing nonetheless.
Printed by Sara Froese of All Sorts of Press.  A two colour fade letter press print on a speckled paper that has the most beautiful subtle texture.
Limited edition prints; there are twenty five 12”x16” prints and we have 5 of these rare gems.

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