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5 Amazing Vintage Pictures of the Corner of Dundas and Richmond

The corner of Dundas and Richmond is located in the heart of the downtown core of London, Ontario. With a major bus terminal that connects the entire city and many businesses located in the area including Filthy Rebena Vintage, every Londoner has been here at least once and experienced the madness of this iconic intersection.

We have compiled 5 of the best vintage pictures of the corner of Dundas and Richmond in London, Ontario spanning from 1883 to 1954. The red arrows show where Filthy Rebena Vintage would have been located if it existed back in the old days.

1. Looking east from the corner of Dundas and Richmond. | Date: 1883 | Source: Ivey Family London Room

2. Dundas Street just east of Richmond Street. This picture was taken during WW2. A banner with two poppies and the words “Lest We Forget” is strung across the street. | Date: November 11th, 1941 | Source: Our Ontario

3. Looking east from the corner of Dundas and Richmond. A crowd respecting the jay-walking law waits to cross the street. | Date: September 3rd, 1950 | Source: Pinterest 

4. Heavy traffic on the corner of Richmond and Dundas. | Date: 1954 | Source: Pinterest

5. Richmond Street just south of Dundas Street. The clock beneath the United Cigar Store sign on the southeast corner shows the time to be 2:50pm. | Date: 1941 | Source: Our Ontario

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