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Sustainable Clothing Stores in London Ontario

These are clothing stores in London, Ontario that are sustainable. You can feel good shopping at these stores knowing you are ethically supporting the environment. Read More

Best London Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a great opportunity to reconnect us with our food system. Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a healthy decision not only for you, but for your community’s economy as well!

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Downtown Dollars

Downtown London has given the downtown businesses a generous amount of Downtown dollars to give out.  Let us give you some dough! 

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Okie Dokie

Just re-stocked our favorite Toronto based, sister-owned sock company.  Go ahead, kick up your feet and browse our new selection of hand-dyed socks!

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Plump! is a platform that highlights the professional lives of people of colour based in London, Ontario and beyond.  We're STOKED to be hosting the inaugural Plump Session at Filthy Rebena Vintage on Thursday, Nov 21.  
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Summer Sale

Super stoked for our first Richmond Parking Lot Party!  All of our Summer Swag will be ON SALE FOR $5 right next to an icy, cool jug of our World Famous Lemonade.  Come celebrate! 

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