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Ancient Stepwells

Stepwell India

I recently stumbled upon an article filled with gorgeous photographs of ancient stepwells.  I’m so overwhelmed with these spectacular stepwells that I had to share here on Filthy’s blog.
Stepwell India

A stepwell is exactly what it sounds like: steps down to a well. The earliest stepwells date back to about 600 AD and were developed in India as a way to access water dry during the dry months.

Stepwell India

Many of these functional structures were commissioned by wealthy or powerful philanthropists (nearly a fourth of whom were said to be women) as spiritual, earthbound bastions built to last for an eternity.

Stepwell Indian

How stunning are these pieces of forgotten architecture and art?
victorialautman6-640x893Could you imagine carrying a buckets of water up all those stairs?
Stepwell IndiaFor more information on India’s forgotten stepwells, check out the sources:  WikiThis Is Colossal & Honestly WTF

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