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Be My Valentine

RosesHappy Valentine’s Day to all of our lil’ Rebena’s out there.  For those of you keeping up with us, we have been spreading a lot of love the last month.  We decided to do a giveaway on Feb 1st to drum up a little social media following.  Fiona M has won our Good Karma giveaway.  We have raised a good chunk of funding for Labour Behind The Label, which is one of our favorite organizations out there.  The funds we raised will be going towards the Six Item Challenge that Filthy Rebena will be participating in starting March 5, 2014.


The Toronto Etsy Street Team has asked us to spread our love and be a guest blogger for their website.  To continue on playing cupid, we are giving you a little eye candy… a Filthy Rebena makeover.  That’s the news and love we have been spreading from the slews.  Today we are celebrating love in our favorite floral prints and taking some time to stop and smell the roses.  Have a great day Rebena’s.  Show us some love on our social media outlets:  Instagram Tumblr FacebookEtsy Twitter

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