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Ode to Granny

I have always liked the term Granny Chic.  And how could I not really, after all it is the epitome of thrift.  But not only thrift.  There seems to be a luxury about it.  I hear granny chic and I think of natural fabrics that transcend time.  Wool?  That sweater may be itchy as hell but when Granny puts a turtleneck under it she can face the coldest of days and knows it.  This is tried and true, an old faithful that she would be betraying if she got rid of it.  It has been in, it has been out, and it is probably in again, but for Granny it has been in the whole time.

granny-alphabet-BTim Walker’s book the Granny Alphabet inspired me to write this post.  Ode to Granny, because how could we think about Granny and not smile.

$29.00 CAD - Leather Moccasins
$29.00 CAD – Leather Moccasins

There are many types of Grannies out there.  We do not want to give a stereotype but to me I could really see this Gran liking a good pair of leather slip on moccasins that I came across from Bremen Blue Vintage.

Rebecca‘s shop puts care and love into the restoration of these vintage gems so their history can continue on through the decades with a new, loving owner!  Sounds like what Gran’s philosophy on keeping her wardrobe would be, a lot of care and love.
$5.00 CAD - Handmade Card
$5.00 CAD – Handmade Card

The sunshiny Grandma, always smiling and baking.  There is always so much cheer in her house especially when she’s baking something delicious.

I am sure she would love to give and to receive one of these lovely cards from Gotomago.

You are the apple of my pie grandma, I can hear her chuckling right now.  These cards are assembled by hand with love in Toronto by Lichia.

$18.00 CAD - Needlecraft
$18.00 CAD – Needlecraft

Sometimes the tres chic can be tres fou.  I feel like this Nan is sassy as well as chic and would laugh her ass off at I <3 Kink.  Although Crass Stitches claims that these are not your nana’s needlepoint, we will let her be the judge.  Shop owner Emily is a self proclaimed Crafty Vixen; who’s turned her filthy mouth into frilly cross stitches for all to enjoy!

mink granny
$51.93 CAD - Vintage Mink Collar
$51.93 CAD – Vintage Mink Collar

And of course there has to be some good ol’ furs in the mix.  This gorgeous mink collar from Eight Mile Vintage does the trick of function and fashion.   A must for Gramma ’cause baby it is still cold outside!

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