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Borrow The Boys

Lately we’ve been obsessed with the universally flattering trend, the oversized dress shirt.


It’s been around for awhile, but the style has taken on new life this season with updated details and accessories that push the limits.

The trend started with the “boyfriend shirt” (try to fight the walk-of-shame imagery), and moved into lighter-weight textiles making it more versatile.
mensshirt3-640x431Some designers call it the “studio shirt” and some just call them tunics.  mensshirt6

The idea is that it’s a loose-fitting collared button-down, in any material that suits you from structured cotton to silky viscose, that hangs just low enough to cover your tush.


It’s ideal for the day you want to look artsy and effortless.


Fashion doesn’t always have to be a sacrifice of comfort!


Are you borrowing from the boys?
If so, how do you style it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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