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Bride-Wedding-Dress-SoilWedding dress designs are getting more and more unique. Bridal shorts are now a thing (thank you, Olivia Palmero), there are wedding dresses with cutouts and we’re seeing more gowns in colors besides traditional white. Those ideas might seem crazy to you, but the newest wedding dress design takes things to a whole new level. Eco-friendly brides will be happy to know that you can grow your very own wedding dress. If you thought you were being environmentally-friendly by having an enchanted forest themed wedding complete with recyclable invitations, that is nothing compared to this.

Forget yards of white fabric and thousands of rhinestones, all you need to make a wedding dress is some mulch and fungus. The Guardian reported how Erin Smith, an artist in residence at Microsoft Research actually brewed her gown using tree mulch and a naturally white fungus, mycelium, A lot of people would assume you would need to have a long engagement if you’re growing your own dress, but it only took Erin a week to create hers. After you wear it, you can just compost it back into the garden. You don’t have a dress sitting in your closet forevermore, which was one of the reasons Erin decided to grow her gown.

elka-vizerskaya-kassandra-2There have been other scientists experimenting with growing clothing for some time and it opens up a whole new area of sustainable fashion. The idea of wearing clothing made out of fungus might make your skin crawl (pun fully intended) but a lot of people wear silk which is a protein from worms. It will take more research and experimenting to see how it could be commercialized, but there could be a few eager brides out there who are curious to DIY then dress. I wonder if Zooey Deschanel has her wedding gown picked out yet? If there is a bride-to-be that would make us all love a fungus dress, it would be her.

Source: The Gloss

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