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Elana Gabrielle

We are super stoked to introduce you to our latest artist, Elana Gabrielle!  This gal with a million dollar smile is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer of printed textile and paper goods.  Her work is influenced by the wild and varied landscapes of the West Coast where she grew up, from misty mountains and foggy beaches to dusty desert valleys. Using cut paper collage, painting, screen printing and textile design, she weaves the natural world into her creations.


Her handmade goods embody the natural world in both form and function, using sustainable practices and natural fibers, dyes, and inks and a focus on simplicity and attention to detail. Elana’s goods invite mindful interaction with nature both in the home and in the wild, and encourage care for the world around you.


Below is a small selection of our personal favorites to wet your whistle on what you can find in store.  We are carrying large, 11" x 14" prints.  We love a good snake print.  It's called: Garden Variety.   

We are also carrying a good amount of Elana's 8" x 10" printsMarsh Birds is one of our favorites below because it reminds us watching the cranes fish in the Thames right here in London, Ontario.  (PS, anyone else catch the albino duck in the Thames this year?!) 

We haven't forgot about our snail-mail enthusiasts as we are carrying a wide selection of Elana's notecards and boy-oh-boy are they beautiful!  It's hard to choose a favorite but this card called Kelp is just perfect.  What better than pastel-brown mountains, jazzy kelp and a dose of sunshine.

We hope you enjoyed this lil' preview of the latest paper goods in the shop.  Please let us know your favorite in the comments below!  

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