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Best London Farmers Markets

Below we’ve highlighted popular farmers markets in London Ontario. 

1. Convent Garden Farmers Market

Saturdays, 9AM – 1PM
Location: Covent Garden Market,  130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C5

Number of Vendors:  
Filthy's Favorite:  Pickled Curried Cauliflower 😋 from Harvest Moon

Covent Garden Farmers Market is our most frequented stop as it's just a hop away from Filthy.  Every Saturday morning before work, you can find us taking a stroll down London's classy Market Lane, a north-south pedestrian link that connects Dundas Place and Covent Garden Market.  Located just outside the Market building on the West side, what's special about this market is that every vendor either “grows it, bakes it or makes it"  (No posers allowed!).  The 175 year old Covent Garden Market is also worth a peek while you're there.  Established in 1845 it's open 6 days a week and offers an abundance of food, services and an array of festivals and events.

2. Gibraltar Weekend Market

 Saturdays + Sundays, 9AM – 5PM
Location: Forest City Surplus, 1712 Dundas Street

Number of Vendors:  
20 (however, the website claims 100)
Filthy's Favorite:  🔮 Crystal Balls from The Dancing Buddha

Gibraltar Market is more of a flea market (without the fleas) than a farmers market but does have a small selection of produce, meats and cheeses.  Park for free right on the premises, and don't let the dusty parking lot dissuade you, you'll forget all about it once you are inside and feasting your eyes on a heap of weird and wonderful things!  We enjoy puttering in these vendor booths most: Vintage Stereo Equipment, Traditional Medicines, Native Crafts and 50% Handbags.  Sandwiched between the Discount K-Cup booth and Fishing Gear booth - you'll find our personal favorite vendor: the Dancing Buddha, which has all sorts of funky gemstones, crystals and giant velvet tapestries that tickle my inner hippy.  Thinking about getting that bellybutton piercing?!  Wear your favorite crop top to the event as there is a vendor for that!  (There is a vendor for everything you can imagine)  There are SO MANY folks waltzing around with giant poutines telling us that its the best poutine in town.  The organizers of the Gibraltar Weekend Market are hoping to expand into local farmers produce - so look forward to that.

3. Ilderton Farmers Market

 Saturdays, 8AM – 12PM
Location: Ilderton Village, 13230 Ilderton Rd

Number of Vendors: 
 15 (and 10 occasional vendors)
Filthy's Favorite:
  Grub + guacamole 🌮 from The Black Sombrero 

The Ilderton Village is located just 7 minutes north of London.  With local farmers selling their meats, cheeses and produce, you'll find an array of fresh foods - some picked that morning!  What's first on our Ilderton Market bucket list?  To fill that bucket with wine!  The Ilderton Market has the largest selection of artisan wine vendors from Lake Huron's shores (yes, there are wine tastings!) and teas if you're more of a straight edge type.  Vendor Ceylon Select Teas has teas to boost your immunity, liven your mood and make you feel like you've found the fountain of youth!  The teas are made by a local nutritionist and Master Tea Sommelier.  Enjoy a fresh taco from the Black Sombrero that is made with "Canada's Best Guacamole" (as voted byJohn Catucci of the Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here!"). You'll also find a wide assortment of baked goods, jams & Preserves, fresh-cut flowers, handmade soaps & artisan wares.

4. Masonville Farmers Market

 Fridays, 8AM – 1PM
Location: Masonville Place, 1680 Richmond St N

Number of Vendors: 

Filthy's Favorite: Pumpkin Fritters 🎃 from The Fritter Shop

The Masonville Farmers’ Market has evolved into a local community hub with over 40 farmers, artisans and food producers.  This market is organized by the farmers and artisans that bring us the Western Fair Market so you can be sure to find interesting foods, seasonal items and a lot of vendor hustle, bustle and camaraderie!  One of our first stops is always: The Fritter Shop as they carry THE BEST vegan seasonal fritters. 

We also love swooning over The Wandering Bee's booth. She always has beautiful fresh cut flower bouquets from her farm along with alpaca yarn.  Yup, ya heard us...  A flower farmer AND alpaca farmer!  SWOON.  (PS:  I would love to be gifted a box of fritters or an alpaca if anyone out there is reading this... 👋)  Also wanted to mention that since this market is basically in the Masonville Mall parking lot, there is plenty of free parking. 

5. The Western Fair

 Saturdays, 8AM – 3PM
Location: The Western Fair District, 900 King Street 
Number of Vendors:  100
Filthy's Favorite:  "GO AWAY" Crewnecks from Soft Flirt

Welcome to the MOTHER of all Markets!  It's a vibrant gathering place in the heart of Old East Village bringing together community, food and local artisans.  There are two levels of 100 vendors that truly offer their own unique products.  Make sure you walk the whole place and take your time poking around.  Upstairs we love visiting the rug vendor, our homegirl t-shirt maker Soft Flirt and looking at the vintage furniture booth as they have great mid-century pieces.  Downstairs, it's all about following your nose my friends.  SO MANY FOOD VENDORS - you're in for a TREAT.  If you're still hungry when you leave, fret not, there is always a brigade of Food Truck vendors outside.  Oh!  And don't forget to bring your knives to be sharpened at RW Sharpening + Repair while you eat!

Everything we sampled, purchased or viewed was of high quality and all the vendors were eager to provide samples, have a chat and were not pushing their products in a forceful manner. They were simply giving a little background information on their livelihood and showing a tremendous amount of pride in the London region and the products they were capable of producing.It's something that is lacking in some towns and cities in Ontario and is almost a requirement to build a sense of community.

Filthy would highly recommend anyone visiting or living in the London area to take a couple of hours on a Saturday and visit this highly reputable farmers market.

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