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Modern Marble

Oei Ceramics – Marbled Earrings – $87.00 USD

We’re calling it: the marble trend isn’t going anywhere. Inspired by its classic versatility, we’re taking a closer look and discovering marble as muse.

Duende Leather – Marbled Clutch – $95.00 USD

First becoming a popular fashion trend on the runways in 2014, marble has now found its way into the mainstream.

NannersNerman – Marbled Paper Stationery – $9.00 USD

What originally started as a design concept that was best suited for larger furniture pieces made from the actual stone, it has now become a widely used pattern found in clothing, necklaces, and home accessories.

Overcase Shop – Marble iPhone 6 case – $16.00 USD

Since it was first used by Greek and Roman sculptors thousands of years ago, marble has endured, and while our Roman ancestors may not have anticipated the popularity of marble iPhone cases (they totally would have used them, though), the timelessness of marble makes it not very surprising that it’s gotten a new breath of life in year 2015.

TyreDyes – Pastel Marble Dye Top – $39.00 USD

By the year 2016, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people rocking marble from head to toe.

Source: UOOei CeramicTyreDyesOvercase ShopDuende LeatherNannersNerman

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