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Romper Q&A

filthyrebena – Rockabilly Romper – $32.00

Oh, rompers. They’re the perfect alternative to our worn-out sundresses on a hot summer day. The shorter little sister to our other favorite one-piece pal, the jumpsuit, rompers somehow make life seem like it’s about to get much easier. But even though they’re parading around as a friend, every girl knows they come with a whole load of questions. Below are the goofiest questions we’ve encountered while selling vintage rompers.

huncamuncavintage – chambray romper – $36.00

Question: How will I go to the bathroom in a romper?
Prepare to get naked.  Part shorts, part dress – both of those things are easy to pee in. Put them together, throw in a pile of buttons and it’s physically impossible to use the bathroom without getting naked first.

birthdaylifevintage - Greaser Romper - $58.00
birthdaylifevintage – Greaser Romper – $58.00

Question:  Is this a sexy mechanic Halloween costume or a Summer outfit?
Sexy mechanic, doiiii!  A gal with those shoes is totally out back wrenching on your Honda.  But pssstt, you could probably use this as a Rosie the Riveter costume.

ragdollvintage - 1950's Playsuit Romper - $149.00
ragdollvintage – 1950’s Playsuit Romper – $149.00

Question:  Is this an outfit or is it swimwear?
It’s all chic surf style and can be whatever your imagination desires.  As an outfit, you can romp around the waterfront in it.  If you like swimming in Rayon it’s a swimsuit.   Yeah.

countrycoutureco – Lace Baby Romper – $12.00

Question:  Is a romper the same outfit that my baby wears?
Oh no, no… no.  *cough* Those are just adorable onesies and jumpers that your one-year-old practically lives in.  *cough*

betterstaytogether - Black Mini Romper - $50.00
betterstaytogether – Black Mini Romper – $50.00

Question:  How will this fit on my body type?
Even with the adjustable straps, long torsos and busty chests are not welcome here.  Besides constant struggle of finding hiding places to pick your wedgie, it should fit perfectly.  

Despite all the unsound questions our customers have about rompers – lets face it, we cannot help but love these man-made miracles.  What struggles have you faced while wearing rompers?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

Source: Etsy, CollegeFashion

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