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Thriftin’ Tips


We just read Charles Manning’s article titled “10 Genius Tips for Mastering Secondhand Shopping” and we thought it would be a good idea to share some of those tips with our readers.  We always bring a fully charged MP3 played to pump the picking tunes, a friend with a good eye to narrow down our picks and hand sanitizer.  Here are some more really great tips below.  Happy thrifting!

1. Call the stores you are interested in to find out when they are planning to put out new stock. That way you can time your visit to make sure you get the best selection possible.

2. Do a loop around the entire store and grab everything that catches your eye, even if you are not sure about it. Don’t think. Just do! There is no extra stock in the back. What’s on the floor is what they have. So if you see a great piece, just grab it, even if you feel like it might not fit, or you don’t know where or how you will wear it. Now is not the time for scrutinizing your every decision. If you don’t grab it when you have the chance, someone else could spot the same piece and snatch it out from under you. You can edit through your selection later.

3. Wear a neutral outfit that is easy-on and easy-off to make things in the dressing room as pain-free as possible. That means no button-down shirts or lace-up shoes, which will only make it that much harder to change quickly. Also, stick to wearing separates instead of a dress. That way, you can try on pieces with clothes you already own and know fit you, instead of having to go find some skirt you don’t actually like just so you can try on the top you’re interested in.

4. Stick to pieces with clean lines and classic shapes if you don’t want to look dated. Even when you are shopping for vintage clothes, you probably don’t want to look like you just stepped out of another era. The more streamlined the piece is, the more modern it will look and the easier it will be for you to integrate it into your existing wardrobe.

5. Never buy anything with a stain on it. You will never get the damned thing out. No matter how hard you try. Never ever.

6. Don’t be afraid to take something to the tailor to get it just right. Just make sure you know the difference between what can be fixed and what cannot. And be honest with yourself about how much work you are actually willing to put into it. Hey, sometimes secondhand clothes and accessories need a little extra TLC to look their best, but if you are already getting a deal, that extra work can be totally worth it.

Do you have any secondhand shopping tips to share?  If so, feel more than free to get involved in the comment section below.  For more of Charles Manning’s tips for mastering secondhand shopping, check out his article by clicking on our sources.

Source: Cosmopolitan, Charles Manning

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