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Schoolyard Style

1970’s Skirt | $28.00 | Waist: 28” 

Our schoolyard days may be long behind us but plaid skirts will forever remain en vogue.

1970’s Skirt | $31.00 | Waist: 26″

We like to call this preppy look, “Schoolyard Style”.  At its most basic level, a simple plaid skirt is a very versatile garment.

1960’s Skirt | $29.00 | Waist: 28″

With versatility in mind, it’s not surprising that designers are constantly going back to the staple skirt and tartan print, elevating them far beyond the confines of the classroom.  If you’re looking for the perfect Fall/Winter 2014 skirt take a peruse in our “Skirt Section” at Filthy Rebena’s shop.  We all sizes, all colors and plaid-o-plenty to go around!

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