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While American Apparel might have dominated the basics-in-every-color market for the past decade, there’s a new giant in town with well made, wallet-friendly and ethically produced garments. Uniqlo currently has a couple dozen outposts in the United States, with plans to open even more from coast to coast. With a healthy e-commerce site, novel collaborations and […] Read More

Leanin’ Lipstick

It’s no doubt that package design just adores the Leaning Tower of Pisa.   We have Liqueur Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Peas and even Pisa inspired thimbles that come in their town boxes.  As a profound lover of lipstick, this 1950’s lipstick case by jewelry designer Louis Nichilo takes the take.  Here is the cutest remark […] Read More

Spring Fling

Go ahead, have yourself a Spring shopping fling with some local Etsy shops.  By shifting just a portion of your spending, you can help create more jobs, a stronger economy and build a better community here in Toronto.  So take a short peruse through these charming gifts for you from our favorite Toronto Etsy Shops. […] Read More


Right?!  RIGHT!?!?!  This makes so much sense.  As a merchandiser, stylist and laundry queen – this innovative hanger just makes so much sense.  No more stretched out necks.  No more counterproductive buttoning.  Let’s do this World! Read More

Etsy Schoolin’

Despite the meows and purrs of Rebena’s fat cats, sometimes working alone at home can give her the feeling of being isolated.  That’s why she decided to join the Etsy School for the month of February.  Rebena is seeking a local shop owner who can give her suggestions, critiques, share experiences, work to improve each others […] Read More

Inner Fashion

Inner Fashion – Production Line at C-fabriek from thomas vailly on Vimeo. How inspiring ‘Inner Fashion’?  Their whole fashion cycle process is cleverly presented and whittled down to within the space of a couple of square meters.  In a short 20 minute period, Inner Fashion produces beautiful clothing.  Rebena wants to get lost in these […] Read More
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