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6 Riveting Wrangler Jeans Facts

Wrangler is an American clothing company that makes quality jeans. Since their start in the early 1900s, they have transformed the landscape of western fashion with their durable, comfy denim. At first the jeans were popular among cowboys, but eventually made their way into the mainstream. By 1996, 1 in every 5 pairs of jeans being worn was Wrangler!

Ready to learn more? Read on for 6 Wrangler facts.

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1. How Wranglers started

In 1904, C.C. Hudson quit his factory job and created the Blue Bell Overall Company. The company started out by making overalls for railroad workers. By 1943, things were going well for Blue Bell. They purchased a company named Casey Jones Work Clothes. With the purchase came rights to Casey Jones’ unknown brand name at the time, Wrangler.

2. Made for cowboys

A designer named Bernard Lichtenstein was hired to design the jeans under the Wrangler brand. Also known as Rodeo Ben, this famous Polish tailor helped Wrangler design a new pair of jeans specifically for cowboys.

3. Innovating jeans

The new Wrangler jean design had a ton of innovations. For example, it featured a slimmer, more proportioned fit with a longer rise. This allowed for more flexibility. Cowboys could now easily twist and bend themselves above the waist. The new design was an immediate hit, and became a trusty wardrobe staple for cowboys everywhere.

4. Wrangler and the rodeo

Since Wrangler jeans were made for cowboys, naturally the brand developed a very close relationship to the rodeo. In 1974, Wrangler was endorsed by the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association of America (PRCA). Famous cowboys like Jim Shoulder started wearing the jeans during the rodeo, making the brand even more well known.

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5. Wrangler Jean Machine

In the 80s, Wrangler was a sponsor of superstar racecar driver Dale Earnhardt, who competed in NASCAR. Earnhardt drove a blue and yellow racing car called the “Wrangler Jean Machine.” That year, he won the first three of his seven NASCAR championships. 

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5. Sustainability initiatives

Wrangler cares about the planet. They want to reduce their footprint on Earth, and have set some ambitious sustainability goals for its denim! Their jeans are made from cotton, and they are aiming to grow 100% of the cotton using sustainable practices by 2025.  So yes Wrangler is still kicking... and remember, the W is silent ;)

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