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6 Facts About Doc Martens

Doc Martens, also called Dr. Martens or just simply Docs, is a British footwear brand. They are best known for their comfy, yellow stitched boots that symbolize social revolution. The boots gained popularity throughout the 1900s, and these days it’s practically impossible to go out without spotting a pair on someone’s feet.  Some fun facts about these loud stompers below;

1. Beginning from a broken ankle

In 1945, German army doctor Klaus Maertens broke his ankle while skiing in Germany. His standard army boots were too uncomfortable to wear with the injury, so he started looking for alternatives. This led him to inventing the first Doc Martens boot with an air-cushioned sole.

2. Doc Martens has working class roots

The boots got their start in the English working class because they were so comfortable. This made them the perfect workwear for postal workers, factory workers, and police officers, or anyone else who was on their feet all day. And the fact they were durable didn’t hurt either!

3. They became a symbol of rebellion

Later, Doc Martens boots started being adopted by emerging subcultures as part of their identity. In the 70s, it was the punks. In the 80s, it was the new-wave artists. And in the 90s, it was the grunge movement. This has caused the boots to become a symbol of rebellion, and also pride.

dr martens punks

4. The Who took Docs mainstream

The Who’s Pete Townsend took the boots mainstream by wearing them on stage in the 60s. His high energy performances were super physical. He would jump around a lot and this damaged his feet. In 1967, he was inspired by his working class roots. He wore Docs on-stage to pay homage to his roots while protecting his soles. After this, the attention on the brand became bigger than ever before.

5. 54-inch tall Docs

Elton John played the Pinball Wizard in Ken Russell's 1975 musical film "Tommy." The first thing that grabs your attention when you see his character? The 54 inch tall Docs he walks on. They were specially designed for his character. It’s a funny sight to see. These special boots are now on display at Northampton Museum in England.

54 inch docs and elton john

6. Animal rights and sustainability

Doc Martens is making a difference in the clothing industry with sustainability initiatives. For example, they are a champion for animal rights. Leather has been one of the main ingredients in Dr. Martens recipe for decades. Now the company has introduced a vegan line of footwear. This line reduces their leather usage and improves the treatment of animals.

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