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American Apparel’s latest model is a three-toed sloth and it’s definitely a furry big change from your usual fashion campaign.

Buttercup, chilling in an “ironic” lady pose, while promoting both American Apparel’s eco credentials and the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica

American Apparel seems to have put its scantily-clad advertising past behind it.  Instead of pouty girls in boy shorts its new campaign star is… A three-toed sloth. Seriously.

“Meet Buttercup,” the advert reads above a shot of Buttercup poised seductively on a table. “Buttercup is a 23-year-old three-fingered Bradypus sloth from Costa Rica.  She was brought to the Arroyo family as an orphaned infant by local children and was the catalyst to their founding the Sloth Sanctuary… Her favourite pastimes include sunbathing and eating hibiscus blooms.”

American Apparel has tried its best to move on from the dismissal of its CEO and founder Dov Charney, including appointing a female board director and changing its racy campaign strategy.

Its new CEO, Paula Schneider, said that a more covered-up approach was part of a bigger advertising plan. “It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual,” Schneider told Business of Fashion. “There’s a way to tell our story where it’s not offensive. It is an edgy brand.  And it will continue to be an edgy brand.”

The ad goes on to promise that Buttercup has a big surprise in store. Let’s hope it’s not a sloth in disco pants. Check out the full ad below:

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