What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a big problem but we don't have to buy in.  You can still participate in fashion trends in a manner that is cost effective, healthy and better for our planet and communities. 

Black Friday Sale

Not only is November 23, 2018 the Full Beaver Moon, but it's also Black Friday.  Join us for a day full moon manifesting, deep discounts and deals.  Come by and we will make your Friday magical.  

Midwinter Market

Join us on November 29th for cocktails, tips from fashion entrepreneurs and a chance to browse the wardrobes of babes in your community to find your dream Christmas outfit.

Santa Claus Parade

Warm up with a cup of Filthy Coffee before you hit up the Santa Claus Parade on the evening of November 10th.  We will also be serving up hot deals that you won't wanna miss!

Washing Guide

Learn how to extend the life of your clothing with our simple washing guide.  We also cover filthy stains, wool care and explain why you should avoid the dryer like the plague.  

Earth Sucks III

Announcing our annual futuristic-themed Halloween Sale that is always out of this world. Show up with a face full of moon dust (glitter) and get 50% off ANY vintage in the shop.

Big Ol' Summer Sale

Deep 'n' dirty deals on the last day of Summer!  T-shirts, tanks, dresses, great basics and accessories.  World famous lemonade will be served alongside the Friday deals. 

Fast VS Sustainable Fashion

Both people and the environment suffer as a result of the way fashion is made, sourced and consumed.  However, you can stay in tune with the latest trends without damaging our planet. 

LORIK 18 at Filthy Rebena

art showAll are welcome to come see what LORIK has been cooking for the past year using cardboard and oil paint, line and composition, form and value, and of course, energy. 

Dundas Arts Festival

Rebel Remedy invited us to sling our goods alongside their famous tonics and elixirs.  On 8/11 you can find our favorite Summer swag alongside Rebel's chaga shakes.       

Extended Summer Hours

We're super stoked to announce our extended summer hours. We'll be open later to better serve you, whenever you need new swag.  

Dapper Dan

Daniel Day created some of Harlem’s most iconic looks but sued out of business by the luxury brands. On Tuesday, his collaboration with Gucci was released.